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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of wearing a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are ideal for most contact sports and can minimise trauma to bones, teeth, roots and skull.

The Gladiator gum shield offers the additional benefits of:
Reducing the effects of concussion
Providing upper palate support that helps prevent lacerations
The unique design offers maximum front and side support.

Is it easy to breathe when wearing one of your mouth guards?

The Gladiator sports mouth guard provides a snug fit that keeps the guard in place even when the mouth is open - thus allowing easy breathing.

Does your mouth guard make an imprint of the teeth?

Using hot water the mouth guard becomes malleable and forms an exact impression of the teeth. The Gladiator mouth guard has been designed by dental technologists using normative palate formation, thus reducing gumshield deformation when fitting to the individual. It is not the usual basic U-shape design as found on the market.

Is your mouth guard unpleasant to wear?

Unlike many other products available the Gladiator sports mouth guard has no squared edges that can irritate the user.


* Impact Absorbing

* Custom Fitting

* Maximum Comfort

* Maximum Protection

* Ideal for Braces

* Choice of Colours

* Cases can be Personalised with Your Clubs Name

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